Besome Games, is a one-man Independent Game Development company run by me, Mark St. Jean. Besome, short for "Be Someone", was an appropriate branding I came up with to label my products. Inspired by many classic video games, I strive to make games with a few goals in mind:

1. By Gamers, For Gamers - I am a gamer, there is no denying it. I love playing video games. Old, new, and if I could, games from the future. It's been this way for as long as I can remember. Instead of considering those hours playing so many games as wasted time, I look at it as research gained. As a hardcore gamer I have witnessed first hand the evolution of gaming, for the good and bad, as early back as the Nintendo Entertainment System. I play the games that I create, therefore I am making a game that a hardcore gamer would like. I like to think I know what gamers what, and that is who I make games for. At no point will I think of your Grandmother when designing a game, unless she is a hardcore gamer.

2. Money is a necessity, not the rule - I don't want a boat, I don't like to fly. I've never thought of my work as a way to become wealthy. In this day and age of nickel-and-dime gaming, day one DLC, and preorder bonuses, gaming is becoming an expensive hobby. I make games because I want you to play them, not because I want you to give me some cash. If I never made a dime off of my work I would still do it every day. What money can do for me is give me the time to work on my projects, to keep myself afloat, and to grow. The end goal is to be able to spend my time working for Besome Games, and not other people. I vow to never create a pay-to-win game, to perform a cash grab, or to use my fans as a money printing machine. I will keep financial information as transparent as possible so you know where your money goes. If you like the work we do, purchase a vanity item for Noble's Land or donate directly to us. If you can't afford to that's fine, I wont treat you like a lesser being.